Super Charge your Socials

What do you get included,
  • 4 Photoshoots (lifestyle / gym / studio )
  • 50 120 images from photoshoots
  • 120 images free from our stock gallery
  • Extra BTS images from shoots
  • advice and support on producing content,

You can pick whatever combination of shoots you want, we can discuss whats going to be best for your socials. We generally advise one of each, we can then see what works best for your audience, and then use the final shoot to produce more of your most engaging content.


as a bonus for being part of SCS (Super Charge your Socials) we give you extra images from the shoots. You get more than double our standard edits from shoots at no extra cost

  • Gym Shoot – 10 edited images – 30 edited images
  • Studio Shoot – 10 edited images 30 edited images
  • Lifestyle Shoot – 20 edited images 30 edited images
  • Gym Shoot – 10 edited images 30 edited images

Thats 120 images, instead of the regular 50 included in the shoots, this is a saving of over £700

Stock Images

You get access to our Stock Gallery and get 120 images for free normally £4.99 each. These are a mix of exercise & food shots, and can create great content for your social media. This would normally cost £600

Help & Support

because we will be working together over the course of 12 months, we will be on hand to give you any help and support with images and content. We will also submit you first for any casting or brand collaboration opportunities that come along. We will also be producing videos to help with aspects of content creation & image management.

All for 12 monthly payments of £100 per month

These photoshoots, extra images & stick images are worth £2500